Resolve Records roots can be traced back to 2013. It all began as a piano studio named "A Joyful Noise Studios" in a local coffee shop called The Blend in Newberry, FL. The original office and studio space was just over 240 sq. feet, and had no recording capabilities. At the time, founder Joey Wheaton was attending Santa Fe College in nearby Gainesville, FL studying music theory. Joey had just retired from the automotive industry after 26 years, and decided to finally pursue his passion. He would work morning shifts at the coffee shop, catch afternoon classes at Santa Fe, then double back to the coffee shop to give piano lessons in the evenings. 

Steve Sapp came aboard as a Barista at The Blend. Steve and Joey quickly learned of each others passion for music, and the brainstorming began. Steve was a skilled blues guitarist, and also brought prior music production experience to the table.    

After a year at Santa Fe College, Joey was accepted into Berklee College of Music's first Online Degree Program. The course of study shifted from Music Theory to Music Business.  As concepts learned at Berklee were applied to the studio, the studio began to get into other facets of the music industry. In 2015, the studio moved down the hallway to a bigger space. The new space allowed a business office/studio flex space. Joey would run the recording sessions and the administration behind a project, then Steve would go in and do the mixing and the marketing. The studio's first EP project was recorded and mixed in that space. It was released to Spotify and iTunes in that very room as well. The studio began to provide marketing and promotion services for artists, and the hard work began paying off. ReverbNation ranked their first client at #2 regionally and #15 nationally. Things were moving!

As the business focus expanded to include studio development, we were still teaching a full roster of piano students. Our senior student Jasmine Burke was developing at a rate that allowed her to begin teaching piano to other students. Within a few short months, Jasmine had formed a company called Teaching Grace, and took over the roster of piano students. This allowed the students to continue lessons at the same location while freeing up a block of time to commit to education.    

The studio had the ability to record, but due to space and equipment restraints, it was always in a track by track scenario. We recorded a few projects for some really talented artists, but couldn't really achieve that polished sound that comes from a professionally laid out studio area. We were serious about providing better quality, so we knew that we would have to do something big to yield big results. We needed our own location. 

Fast forward to Trenton, FL - New place - New Name! 

We transitioned to our new custom built facility in 2018. The studio is located in a little town West of Gainesville FL called Trenton. We enjoy a relaxing, beautiful county setting with rolling fields and pastures, but we are still just around a 2 hour drive from larger markets such as Orlando, Jacksonville, and Tampa. 

We also transitioned into our new name "Resolve Records." We were absolutely committed to bringing our vision to reality. The word resolve held dual meanings for us, and for our clients as well. As a verb, resolve means "to settle or find a solution to." As a noun, a resolve is "a firm determination to do something." We are constantly searching for solutions to issues that artists encounter,  and we are firmly determined to help independent artists develop their careers in any way that we can. 

Joey obtained his Bachelor's Degree in Music Business in December 2019 from Berklee College of Music.  

We hope you will take a look around the site and enjoy. Please let us know if we can answer any questions by hitting the "contact" tab! We hope that you will resolve to partner with us in some way! 






The custom built control room allows us full view of the studio area!

The custom built control room allows us full view of the studio area!